Photos for Trade

This is a bit of an experiment.

You know what makes me happy? Photoshoots. Capturing people, places and things in a way I find interesting. Either friends I’ve know for years, or people I’ve just met. Puppets or gold jewellery. It’s all good.

You know what makes me unhappy? Worrying about money. Thinking about how much to charge. Waiting to get paid. Losing out on photoshoots because people can’t afford my services.

Trade what?


I’m leaving myself open to the possibilities. What do you have in mind? I’m not concerned with trading for equal monetary value, but for things that make me feel good. Trade a shoot for a dinner with enough leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch? That would make me pretty happy. Knit me a hat? An experience? A piece of art? Something cool for my kids? YES.


But, Money!


Not everyone is interested in bartering. If you want to do things the regular way, that is fine.

My rate is $150 for a one hour shoot & 3 finished images.


Email me at to get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you!